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The Entire Pot Stock Sector Is Moving Based On CGC Acquisition

Canopy Growth Starting on April 11th, moved from 31.81 to 52.32 on April 29th at 2PM.

This incredible upswing in price can be attributable in full to the Acquisition of Acreage holdings, which according to The Motley Fool, was only the rights to purchase it on the contingency that the United States federally legalized pot.

In the time since, many stocks like Cronos group, and Aurora saw momentary gains from these news outbreaks. An event which I personally would attribute to investor speculation; about other acquisitions for other securities that investors are assuming are happening or are hoping to happen.

Only one thing is clear so far, and that is that Canopy Growth has proven to investors that it is the best choice for winning the pot stock game of thrones.

Personally I feel as if CGC, CRON, and ACB are all potentially overvalued at the current moment. I would like to purchase more shares in the event that ACB goes down to 8 dollars. CRON may not be over valued but it needs to show me that it is not going to lose my money if I trust the company to deliver good results next quarter. Canopy Growth with its 16 billion – 17 billion dollar market cap, and domination of sales last quarter over other companies is my pick for this green rush, it is also a pick that the likes of Jim Cramer agrees with.

Whoever you end up choosing to invest your funds with just remember, we are a long way away from federal legalization in the United States. Therefore it is smarter to do research about the global legal sales of pot, and not the United States as it is still unknown whether the country will ever be a host for federally legal pot.

The Active Amount Of Marijuana Users Is Going To Double In Ten Years.

This Original Article is only aiming to be an Informational Document.

I would like to start this post by stating, that I do not condone the use of marijuana; I only condone the purchase of marijuana stocks. The first article I would like to point to is the Nation Institute of Drug Abuse Research on marijuana use in the United States which was last updated on June, 2018. They stated that “In 2016, 9.4 percent of 8th graders reported marijuana use in the past year and 5.4 percent in the past month (current use)”. Yes you read that correctly; 8th graders. Another side note would be the fact that they were 8th graders, and how that may increase the likelihood that some of them were not truthful with their responses (an assumption that I’m sure the majority of my readers will agree with).

Next I would like to point to this graph produced by government research, that indicates the use of marijuana by age group in the United States, and also an increased amount of marijuana usage among the age group of 18-25.

Information taken from the Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies. State Estimates of Substance Use from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health

The main likelihood I would like to point to is that if these trends are to continue; it means that everyone currently aged 8-18, will most likely represent somewhere around 20% of marijuana usage in the United States. Another site called Statista.com posted statistics that the largest group of marijuana consumers would in fact be 18-29 year olds (18% of consumers in the United States).

This all together points to the likelihood that the amount of marijuana consumption in the United States may almost double by the time 10 years has gone by. Using the data that 18-29 year olds represent 18% of the population that are already active users, one could assume that those aged 8-18 currently may eventually represent a very similar statistic. The chances of consumption doubling are dependent on two other factors however. The factor that people aged 18-29 would have to continue to use marijuana at the same frequency, and the fact that people aged 8-18 would need to adopt marijuana use at the same frequency that people have been in the past. Considering my point earlier about how 9.4% of 8th graders reported using marijuana in the last year, I would personally say this is already currently in effect.

The past was filled with marijuana stigma, and the idea of legally operating a business devoted to producing it was a fairy tale. Now that the current atmosphere and legal climate of marijuana are changing; and the worlds governments are putting forth effort to begin legalization. It is only natural to assume that the amount of kids aged 8-18 adopting a marijuana habit by the time they’re 18 is not going to drop. But will only remain consistent or rise. I have no knowledge of weather anyone has used this factor in their future forecast for future legal United States marijuana sales going forth; my claim however is that this should be one large factor of forecasting future sales of the market sector, and for ETF’s such as MJ.

The hard facts point to marijuana use being more prevalent in younger members of the United States. During the next few years the youth will continually grow up to represent more of the adult population in the United States, and subsequently increase the amount of adults in America actively purchasing marijuana. The Canadian marijuana companies that are currently setting up operations will not face headwinds while searching for consumers to buy their products. These companies in fact will have a population in which every year another bracket of citizens turns 21 and are therefore able to purchase marijuana legally in stores. This is of course implying a completely hypothetical situation in which 2-4 years have gone by and these companies (TLRY, CRON, ACB, CGC) have legally entered the United States for the sale of products, as a result of new regulations going into effect.

How To Go Long For A 1900% Marijuana Sector Return

I would like to introduce my blog with a long term strategy to net an unimaginable 1900% return in the marijuana sector over the next 10 years. This is in my opinion the easiest way to become the first marijuana millionaire.

This may sound like it’s not reasonable, but I will back up my estimations with simple math and research. Starting with a study conducted by Verified Market Research

The group estimated a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) for the marijuana sector at 35.3% year over year starting from 2018 – 2025.

As you can see using this omni calculator, with CAGR set at 35.3%, it displays that a mere 5,000 dollar investment, this return rate would net 100,000 dollars after 10 years long in the market.

My recommendation for best usage of this information, would be to simply buy MJ at a time you see fit; and to never sell despite any market or sector downturn. In the event of a down market or sector, the best idea would be to have capital ready to purchase more shares to lower your average cost. This strategy will only work out for investors willing to never sell shares when they go below purchase price, investors must be willing to adopt the mindset that every single share they own would be much better in their portfolio than in someone else’s. In the future this could get hard for investors if the sector see’s a serious downturn. However by investing in MJ you are diversifying among all major marijuana companies who are publicly listed right now. However this sector does experience a considerable amount of sector risk, as the stocks generally follow the patterns of the sector members.

The main fact I would like to point everyone who is still confused about the right time to purchase shares, is that investors are currently awaiting reports from most of the major companies in the sector for Q4, 2018. Only a few of the major spotlight companies have reported their Q4 fiscal quarter ending report. That being said projections for 2019 are still very much up in the air, from here the prices could remain consistent, crash on news of lower sales projections, or rally on news of higher sales projections. Simply putting it, the current destiny of the marijuana sector prices are unknown, but they’re certainly going to move soon. Overall no matter what happens, anyone who is currently holding marijuana stocks for loss, will recoup them if they are patient enough. An extreme downturn in my opinion would only contribute to me buying more shares for the long term hold plan.

The point of this article is not to suggest my picks for the industry (that will come at a later date), more however to inform readers that the upside exists, no matter what analyst’s say about current quarters. Stay tuned for my next post, which will be based on the age gap in America and how this may legal marijuana sales globally.