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Downturns in the marijuana industry is good news for investors.

Also included at the bottom are my list of predictions for the next weeks prices

Often people say, “what goes up must come down”. This is most likely the case with all of the stocks in the cannabis sector. In the last few months, big names such as CRON, ACB, TLRY, CGC, NBEV, and GTEC have all risen from positive news based on the sector. However this alone has led most investors to expect some sort of bubble crash recession to result, although many feel this (3/21/19) downturn will lead to even more stock growth.

Mainstream news has been filled with articles claiming that the entire sector had been over valued for weeks. With Cronos Group’s earnings report report coming at 8:30AM on March 26th, investors are awaiting a signal to see if more selling is to come or not. Currently however as of 1:00PM March 21st, the sector is in full sell off mode due to market downturn and volatility. I believe the sector is facing market risk as well as sector risk during this current downturn and will possibly rebound with the market if the news reports about the sector say anything positive. Sector risk appears to be the main issue at the moment however, everyday another un-related company disappointing its investors ends up affecting other companies un-related to that news.

My current predictions for the week of March 25th-29th are as follows:

MJ – Low of 34

CRON – Low of 17.50

ACB – Low of 8.00

CGC – Low of 43.50

The prices being driven down is a positive factor as it will allow investors to begin the process of buying shares at a price they feel comfortable with. If an event were to occur that makes the stocks depreciate more than expected, it would lead to a great buying opportunity for anyone who is attempting to go long on this sector. Short term downsides will only help in the future, as they will allow investors such as myself to get better cost basis’s on their long portfolio’s.